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We know how it feels. Branding agencies are too expensive. Fiverr is just not enough... That's why we created a 2-step brand sprint to create thoughtful brands in 2-week



What motivates a team is what motivates volunteers. They need to know the organization's mission and to believe in it

Peter Drucker

If you don’t pause to think long term, how can you build a company culture and a brand that lasts?

The world's best companies are “built to last”. They have a vision for how they will advance into an uncertain future and they are clear about how they will remain steadfast about their values and purposes.

Having a clear and well articulated culture is the first step to building a brand that attracts the right customers for your business and the right employees for your team—people who help you achieve a shared mission.

The final deliverable is a branded, clearcut deck that lays the foundation of your company culture and brand strategy. It will continuously help you and your team craft the story of your brand and pave the way for a clear journey.

During the Brand Strategy stage you will complete 9 exercises inspired by Google’s Design Sprint, and top books written by the best minds in business and design.

You'll start with discovering your Mission, next you'll craft your Vision and then you'll work on your Brand Strategy.


DAY 1: Kickoff Call

Set the stage to make your Brand Sprint successful.

Time commitment: 1 hour

DAY 2: Strategy Exercises

Clarify your thoughts and lay out your plan.

Time commitment: 3 hours

DAY 3-4: Review Exercises and Deck Delivery

We'll take the notes from our conversations, apply our branding best practices and distill them into a proposed strategy deck.

Time commitment: 2 hours

I have started and branded a few companies. I have never had anyone dig so deep to understand my own values, mission, vision and translate them to the company level like TBP. I got so much clarity out of working with them!
Arielle Darr, founder at Benni Blends


Branding is the process of taking 1,000 thoughts and distilling them down into a single consistent experience

Our Team :)

During this second phase, we transition your strategy into a thoughtful brand identity to bring your mission to life and get people excited.

We research, design, and develop engaging brands tailored to your business needs. No templates, no one-size-fits-all designs.

During this design stage, you will be talking directly to the designer dedicated to your project. You will have the space for real, transparent conversations. We’ll become a part of your team, with our primary focus being what is best for you.

At the completion of this stage, we will hand over a brand guideline toolkit that includes: main logo and two logo variations, fonts, a color palette, imagery and patterns.


DAY 5: Moodboard Delivery

We'll present you with two brand directions in the form of moodboards so that you can step inside them and see which is the best fit.

Time commitment: 1 hour

DAY 6-7: Designers Are Designing, Pixels Are Being Pushed…

Sit back and relax, we’ll take the next two days to build your brand!

Time commitment: nothing from you, we got this!

DAY 8-9: Brand Presentation

We'll present you 2 branding options. You’ll see two sets of logos, fonts, colors and patterns.

This is an exciting step—you get to pick your final brand identity!

Time commitment: 1 hour

DAY 10: Your Brand Identity Is Ready!

Be prepared to see your hard work in its full glory! 🤩

We'll be here to answer any final questions.

Time commitment: 1 hour

To us, our organic and high quality cannabis means so much more than “getting high”. TBP helped us discover our true values and translate our thoughts into a brand identity that really reflects what we believe in. They also helped us understand the market—we ended up repositioning our brand to attract customers that the industry ignores.
Rachel Davis, Marketing Manager at Verde Natural

our startup-friendly brand sprint creates better brands, faster

Logo verde

verde natural


Build a holistic brand experience that pushes Verde Natural’s values beyond the stereotypical cannabis consumer.


We researched the cannabis industry, focusing both on the U.S. and the international markets. The full analysis brought up some interesting focus points. For example, the average cannabis consumer age is 37 years old, while most cannabis companies market to younger demographics.

Based on our discoveries, we crafted a brand for Verde that is appealing to a wider demographic.

Logo benni

benni blends


Position tahini as an underutilized superfood that can be be used as a tasty, healthy and allergy-friendly alternative to hummus.


By studying the market, the founder of Benni Blends found that competitors push the ethnic side of tahini—but tahini can be produced with locally-sourced ingredients and appeal to an American consumer. We designed a brand that looks modern and appealing to a young American audience using a colorful pattern that ties back to the main ingredient—sesame seeds.

Benni Blends is preparing to launch its product and the founder got into an exclusive food-industry program.

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